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Puyang LingJingRan beauty cosmetics main training vocational training school:Makeup、Photography、Hair salon、Nail art、Tattoo, etc,School is located in the yiwu trade city area of the sixth floor of puyang city of henan province,Puyang cityCBDThe commercial center。With Dennis、The people living square、Ginza mall、Jinqiao decoration materials such as shopping malls、Have a very strong business atmosphere。Committed to the students comprehensive quality and professional technology and education policies,Exercise habit of students to study in the center is the habit of work,From the beginning to develop seriously、Responsible for the good work habits,At the same time of learning technology to cultivate their self-cultivation,From the initial to technical specialization。For employment after graduation and lay a solid foundation of creation。On the study of professional technique can according to different conditions according to their aptitude students strive to in a short time to make every student can learn good professional technology、So that they can in order to achieve their ideal lay a solid basis of technology and comprehensive quality。To walk the market open route of resources integration,In the cities at home and the region and the fashion industry、The hair、Big small and medium-sized hairdressing chain stores、Wedding studio、Photography base、Puyang nail salons、Puyang hair products、Puyang nail art products...

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Puyang makeup school round doodle to tell you how little face makeup

For round-faced girl,Face the feeling with baby meat doodle,The five rulers good-looking also well,Facial features don't Peugeot,Seriously destroyed appearance!A different face makeup skills,Everybody...


How to reduce damage to the nail nail

       Now more and more beauty like nail,Many people who would say don't understand the nail salons nail is harmful to the body,It's not like this,Nail a growth cycle,We will also often trim,But continuous do manicure,The rest of the day did not give nails,Nails will become fragile,So suggest girls two Zhou Meijia apart。       In order to reduce the nail nails,Here,Give you some advice!    &nbs...【For details】


Puyang hairdressing school teaches you the boy like without makeup makeup

Puyang makeup school-JingRan school teach you to learn without makeup makeup look,Very simple fast,Let oneself have good-looking appearance,Delicate moment【For details】


Patch nail what do we need to remove the seam

​Because a lot of people or short nails itself,And like others long fingernails,Themselves are all have the urge to want to nails,But we all know that fingernails grow faster or slower oh,So puyang nail art schools tell everyone is now more popular nail:Stick a slice,That is what we call the patch nail。【For details】

How to change can sprout of lovely makeup look

Puyang make-up school is mainly to cultivate hobbies together,Oneself also can spend,Makeup can help others,Meimei。So today puyang delicate makeup school teach everybody...

Suits own is the most beautiful bride

For every woman to marry,Want to married in the day is the most beautiful bride,Have a dream wedding imagine oh,Romantic roses、The site of the nobility,Nifty and balloon、There are luxurious evening dress,Perfect makeup look is also a bride-to-be must pay attention to oh,Can say the bride wedding day makeup look is very necessary,Or we won't find a separate makeup artist to make their own cosmetic to oh,Then puyang makeup school will give everyone analysis under the makeup of the step is how to get well:【For details】


Your hand color is suitable for that kind of color?

Nail when no make-up looks so give a person visual impact feeling,But everyone said that hand is women's second face,So say hand beauty not beautiful to our influence is very big。Now the girls love to nail,Nail art can let the girl's finger looks more beautiful,But the nail art is an art,Not literally pintar is good-looking。Then,Your hand color suit that nail color?Puyang nail school here for everyone to popularize the knowledge about color is this aspect of the oh。【For details】


Puyang makeup school to teach you how to don't makeup skills

23℃Is the body's temperature,Also makes the temperature of the most enduring makeup look。That is why the weather was too hot easy to dizzy makeup。Are you in the process of makeup also encountered such a problem?Cosmetic is dizzy、Makeup is normal。Then we puyang makeup school teachers are here to spread to can not take off makeup skills?【For details】

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