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Guangdong foshan ladult lili ceramics co., LTD. Is a new type of modern ceramics enterprise。The company was founded in2008Years。With nine advanced production line,For a day15000Square,Strong technical force,Dozens of professional and technical personnel,Perennial employ at home and abroad well-known ceramic experts to do technical adviser。The main production and operation800*800,600*600All glazed ceramic series400*800,300*600,300*450,240*600,300*300In inkjet series,600*600Archaize brick series。2014In the company and the new2000Square pavilion of ceramics,Carefully into a high level of domestic marketing center。

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Ceramic clean are to be careful
In the life,A lot of adornment is in ceramics,Ceramic material is stable,Resistance to high temperature,So popular with consumers。Scholars take you understand ceramic clean。The surface clean  1.Everyday when clean sweep the floor,As far as possible, please
Several kinds of beautiful and practical ceramic tile laid method。
Now home to play the cement ground is not much, I'm afraid,A lot of real estate is the ceramic tile of laid of with when sold。But laid in very much the same way,If you want to have a different kind of ceramic tile laying,Look at once by the guangdong Buddha
Ceramic tile floor drain six assembling way
Peirce lili ceramics remind everybody,When the home installs bathroom,First of all to have precise measurement,Avoid to produce too much waste,Below small make up teach you how to assemble ceramic tile floor drain in six ways。1、Floor drain if in a diagonal line brick method
What kind of ceramic tile colour collocation let bath more to live
Lili ceramics share to us,You must use the toilet decorate ceramic tile,And ceramic tile also is one of very important material in toilet decorates,Has the very good adornment effect。The color of ceramic tile on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes,How to