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Is a collection of production and manufacturing、Power equipment sales and installation as one of the diversified corporation

Can undertake all types of electrical engineering

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Binzhou city hong bo electric co., LTD2009Years was registered,Is located in binzhou city of shandong province Yang Liuxue town industrial park set up new river four professional road and the new marina 2 intersection。The company covers an area of28000Square meters,Building area5200Square meters,Construction area of living area830Square meters。In response to acquire general secretary of the hills and green scientific judgment,My company is planning forest green area in the factory2800Square meters,Area of water system4900Square meters,Contribute strength for green water blue sky。 Our company is a collection of production、Sales、Installation as one of the diversified enterprise。Scope of business:35KVAnd...
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With special design、With exquisite manufacturing technology users to create a brilliant tomorrow。

Professional technology to provide clients with full service tenet。

  • Box-type substation

  • Device

  • Switch equipment

  • Power distribution cabinet

  • Low pressure closed lighting box

  • Distribution box

  • Distribution box

  • Distribution box

  • Distribution box

  • Distribution box

  • Copper、Aluminum wall casing magnets、Silica gel

  • LLType plate

  • UBType hangs Taiwan

  • P、PSType parallel hangs Taiwan

  • JBLCopper and groove clamp

  • JBTCopper and groove clamp

  • JBAluminum and groove clamp

  • Square bus fixed hardware

  • Indoor single core cable termination

  • Low-voltage grounding rods

  • Electrical package Belt

  • Light outdoor ground rod

  • Composite insulator

  • Composite post insulator

  • Red double charged with electrical tape

  • The outdoor ground rod

  • Grounding line

  • Snapshot of copper terminals

  • Copper and aluminum terminals

  • Copper terminals

  • Three core outdoor cable terminal

  • Distribution box

  • Wire and cable

  • Distribution box

  • Wire and cable

  • Distribution box

  • Wire and cable

  • Distribution box

  • Wire and cable

  • UType wire hoop

  • The rain with the single door

  • Wire and cable

  • A safety helmet、Insulating gloves

  • The rain with the power

  • Wire and cable

  • The shutters

  • Tech list box1Dynamic lighting2Households

  • Wire and cable

  • Flat iron buried card、Geography stone

  • Tech list box3Households

The company's operating philosophy is integrity management,Strive for perfection。

The company's production base in shandong province, binzhou city Yang Liuxue town Four new river road and Wang Zhong lulu in the estuary,Covers an area of9000Square meters


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